These are the remains of  the shitty process of writing, the thousand things cut and abandoned. But the dreck lives on! Some of these terrible pieces of literary baseness will be reinserted in the strangest places. The process is far, far out of synch, out of time, out of reach.

Some of the scenes are real life events..

“… to see the current of love catch alight and to its height, so that his life was meaningless in front of it, his reality completely absorbed. he had to learn to hold on to nothing, to be nothing.”

or observations ..
“There was a vibrancy, but not at a great depth. Granite steps, protected by granite fences, were spotted with lichen and mold. Large bowls spilled water down granite sluices. It was a dark that never went completely to black. The darkness was replaced with joyous tones, with walls of granite, canals and walkways winding through them. You couldn’t run into it and have it swallow you. It didn’t overwhelm, but there were places that were just as important.”

Initially I developed some of the concepts through video:

An initial stab at JUSTICe:

JUSTICe, a central theme of Another End Of The World, was a bitch to illustrate, hence the long form..

 “It had grown out of the voodoo (subculture) the dark wave of coders and (special OPS) they held the line against Corp, Feds, organized crime, any threat to the city AI. It was quiet, the way a protest movement organized itself, the instancy of a social network, path oriented, not a political device or hierarchy; it was a new model.”



Some things were either ill-conceived..

“Growing up in the quantum age, it was a serious rift. It was only right that her friends were all holos, her best usually took the form of a tall bird-like creature with multiple eyes. All of them were as alive as her, only their souls were floating in pylithuim gel, dead to the world, Noi’s world.”

or repetitive ..

“The dark streets stretched through endless nights, the thing burning in her, driving her endlessly, to the point of a break.”

Now to assemble a terrible robot of doom ..