It’s Alive!

The first book, Another End Of The World, is nearly done. I’m sending it to a copy-editor in August. This work consumes me. Part of the difficulty with this project, it started as a movie concept more than 10 years ago. It needed a deeper treatment, so I decided to develop it as a novel. I combined the storyline with a personal journal I was keeping, a lifeline, and a few other sources, to add complexity, life. It’s a mash-up. Not only this, it’s a prime example of loop writing, a new technique I developed where the same sketch is written from different angles and these combined into a samaria sword folded steel of a megascene. Some are made of more than 10 loops. I did it for you

AEOW Cuts 2017


A flow of text from the bin:


As she rode the elevator up, the AI found her again.

Close to her ear, her voice sounded human, emotional.

“The interface, I reconfigured it.”

“What’s going to happen when he enters?”

“Dean there are a number of hacking attempts, multiple infections. Are you aware of this?”

“Can you trace the source?”

It hardly mattered, he didn’t look at them. He refused to define her for the fear of spawning a new entity that would live beyond their momentary flickering.

who stood in front was an inhuman beast. She was

Following her orders, following the schedule, each block of time precisely divided, they were in constant danger of receiving points for missing a cue.

Dean really couldn’t work out what she was doing. She didn’t attempt to convey anything other than the discipline of the form, which wasn’t used for anything apart from its own ends. , other than the small matter of passing the classes.

Ghosting, slip-knotting, interweaving, he ceased to be meaningful to the machine. It ran more smoothly without him.

He could stand and walk almost normally, so he made his way to the gate.

There was no sign of the thin man, no movement at all, but

He hadn’t been dropped into that particular hellhole for nothing. The AI was the future, everyone knew it. It signaled the evolution from a corporate democracy to a virtual city with an inestimable hold on reality. It was pure commerce, creating its own illusion and fulfilling it.

At first there was only her, not even a single friend to come between them,

a dazzling work of divine symmetry: stone and wrought iron,

He wanted to communicate directly with her, but she wasn’t designed with a communication protocol,

There were three lines pointing to ID, where you could be anyone: name, education, bank records, nationality… The individual was as amorphous, anonymous as fortune allowed.

interwebbing? She didn’t attempt to convey anything other than discipline, which wasn’t used for anything apart from its own ends. He was a perpetual-motion machine that produced nothing.

he was a prisoner: the schedule, the shuttle ride, bad food, broken shower doors, clogged drains…

from the night’s occurrence

If true, if the life force was an entity — chaos theory, the press forward, love, it all made sense.

The incredible age of the universe, What animates us, is it itself some kind of life?

How many layers? a slow death when all was exhausted,

It explained a lot. What attracted him to women was the quality of the weave, some quality of darkness. Like love and desire, they had proven inseparable.

The delay was an act of cruelty. The third detonation, hidden, took much longer to play out. She wasn’t what he thought, not the woman he knew.

Miles above the surface, on the descent, he sank into a familiar despair. It was difficult to separate from what remained of her.

“Hope is for the living.”

After the third detonation

the sad moment where all things die. It enveloped him in some kind of atmospheric haze.

In the dark forest the cry of the One, the insects, small creatures burrowed into the cracks, the white of the leaves; a hurricane. He could tell by the play of the wind. It was one of those moments his parents wanted him to have, like swimming in a wild pool, experiencing the deep forest, the wild things there … they knew it would be important later on. The experiences from deep meditation, how can we know their reach? The first time he tasted a huckleberry opened doors to what food could be. The same way allowing the One to flow through him, to fill the voids, to temper his emotions, to turn things incandescent.

He didn’t wait the season, slowly it broke over the clearing. It was time to move on.

There were moments of doubt, something in the way, long moments of sitting at the base of a tree, gathering strength, but the way ahead would always become apparent as soon as she regained her feet.

The soul of the wilderness drained away as soon as Noi discovered the farm.

She was, for some time, the same as them. They moved together toward a distant field, an unspoken need. They knew, and acted, together.

She walked an overgrown field. She followed the slant of light, of wind, of grass, the movement of the crows. Gone to the hours, out of boredom, she fell in the tall weeds. In her depleted condition the wilderness shone with a preternatural beauty. An apparition came out of the forest. Its wings green and white, it glowed of phosphor. She followed it into the dark woods. Dead limbs choked the tiny stream beneath them. After three days of steady rain, her entity dispersed: water vapor, hanging fog; a stark, cold wilderness, black behind every line.

But it was no virus, something far worse.

In the absence of a method of control, she was in danger of losing her precious quantum’s, and that wasn’t going to happen. She left the holo spinning and flew down to Dream.

It was Rei who saw the synergy of the many seemingly unrelated events. It read a complex symbology, the AI’s process of logical elimination.

I knew now what has been building since meeting Rei has to be. No more. I’m too old to withstand the beating, to be so compromised that they don’t bother responding. If I never fall in love again, I won’t have to throw myself to the flames. Damn my heart!

The connection between us has been completely severed. I thought, because I’d written a dark final chapter that released her to the wild… You understand, it’s my gift. I have to write. I thought the work was destroying everything, and she gave no sign otherwise.

The Starling once trapped in the ring, could not rinse free, though her mind was nearly all taken with the (unfamiliar) new threshold the concern for her friend was never lost. It could not be expressed. Noi was too powerful to introduce her own concern was unthinkable. Yet it wouldn’t go away.

He would likely die if left another night, but Noi had to know. It would turn on its own. She demanded it be left that way. Everything ran on its own, with them

He seemed so young, innocent. What could he do? There were things she couldn’t say. It was the only way. She watched him as he rested against the rail.

As his eyes adjusted to the light he saw an intricate radial pattern

but kept to the living, as the entity remained only for the space of a breath, and as mysteriously vanished.

The starlings together with 19 suddenly flickered out, as if they’d never been there. Noi turned and motioned for the crows to follow.

There was one more thing she was to do. At the aviary the yard came alive, a thousand eyes and wings. They gathered near the window of the one who would change the world.

She dropped a cluster of demons who wanted to talk to him, alone. A horned figure in the back raised his eyes to him, then back to the group.

“Haul him in.”

A team of hexrs stormed the roof and quickly collapsed back to the stairwell. Noi motioned for them to leave Federal, the symbol for the lab, to hurry. Before they’d dispersed she leapt off the roof and flew down to the source of the madness,

“You’re the only one, the only thing in my mind.”

She turned to the door, her back to him.

“I know why I came to you. You’re like the wilderness. I can see it in you.”

Dean, completely overwhelmed, sank to the bed in one motion, onto 19’s perfect thread count, perfect white. Before he had time to adjust to the dark she was in bed with him, her long, silken wing pulling him softly to sleep. He woke before the dawn.

an enormous complexity interpenetrating through them: the accretion of previous waves, evolutionary cycles, layers and layers of structure like an hallucinogenic image.

“I’ve got family out there! Could you fly… Where the river bends, maybe 20 miles ahead. There are two large gardens, a large white building, maybe 10 houses and back. It’s a community.”

Dean could tell the way the Starling came in that it wasn’t good.

“No lights, no smoke. The starlings say they’ve all left for the city.”

Everything became her, every tooth and claw.

but as the sudden quiet descended on the dark hall, it brought with it

The light began to increase. At first only a strange glow emanating from the diamond fabric of the immense structure that had broke through the ceiling of the dome.  To seize

there was a prevalent feeling of decay, another kind of devil, was largely left alone, but he had a mortal soul, and

suddenly felt a loneliness so profound…